Why Professional Treatment for Fleas in San Antonio Is a Must

image of a flea

Do you have a furry friend? Has he ever brought anything home he shouldn’t have? Maybe in his mind, he is bringing you a trophy from his valiant hunt, or a hidden treasure he found. But to you, it’s just a dead mouse and a ratty dog toy. Regardless of what your pets bring home, it can be hard to be mad at them, as it seems their intentions are pure. If you are reading this article today, our guess is they brought home something more troublesome than a dead animal or a mangled toy.

Why Fleas Invade In Late Summer

In the mind of a flea, nothing else matters but their next meal--and reproduction. So when your pet comes strolling by, they hop on board. This is how it all starts. From here, fleas make their way inside and hop off onto your carpet. Next thing you know, everyone's scratching at flea bites.

Why Flea Infestations Are So Hard To Treat Alone

When it comes to eliminating a flea infestation, DIY methods can be extremely difficult and sometimes even dangerous. First, because fleas are excellent hiders and great at surviving most treatments, and second because most store-bought flea-control products contain chemicals that can be toxic if not used properly.

How Professional Flea Treatment Can Help

To avoid wasted money and the potential of harming yourself, your family, and your pets, we recommend leaving your flea-infested home in the hands of professionals. Trained, properly equipped pest control technicians know how to effectively eliminate fleas from around your home in a way that does not put your family or furry friends at risk.

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate To Call Family PC If Fleas Have Invaded Your Home

As for which professionals you can trust, Family Pest Control has your back. Our staff of highly trained pest technicians is trained to deal with flea infestations of any size and are on standby, ready to assist you.
Stop bothersome fleas today, and call Family Pest Control for your solution!

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