When Are Bed Bugs Most Active In San Antonio?

image of bed bugs

Movement happens all around the world every day. Here in San Antonio, this movement is no different. As seasons change, and summer comes into full swing, we see an increase in travel, especially as more and more families take their summer vacations. This is a clear increase in movement, but did you know that it is also a clear increase in bed bug movement as well? Let us explain why.

Typical Seasonality for Bed Bugs

If you do not already know, bed bugs are parasitic pests that require hosts and the blood they provide in order to survive and reproduce. But they cannot move from place to place without outside help. This forces them to improvise, using things like our luggage, bags, or other items to get to new locations. Because of this dependence, bed bug season can be directly correlated to when people travel most. And, as we already discussed, people tend to move most during the summertime.

Steps Homeowners Can Take To Prepare For Bed Bug Season  

When it comes to preventing bed bugs from getting into your home, you must first understand how they invade. As you have already figured out, the main way bed bugs invade homes is with our assistance. That being said, here are some tips and tricks you can use this summer to minimize your chances of bringing bed bugs home with you.

  • When traveling, check rooms you are staying in for signs of bed bugs, (blood spots, tiny black fecal droppings, and live bed bugs). If you find any of these signs, move to another room that is not adjacent to the infested room.
  • While traveling, store all of your used clothing inside airtight plastic bags. When you get home, wash them thoroughly in the washer and dryer on high-heat settings. This will kill any hitchhiking bed bugs.
  • Check used furniture for the signs mentioned above before buying them and bringing them home with you.
  • Inspect your children's belongings after they have been to daycare or school as other kids could unknowingly bring bed bugs into these locations where they may crawl from bag to bag.
  • Take time to learn more about the places bed bugs like to hide and hotspots where they are most commonly found. The more you learn the less likely you will be to bring bed bugs home with you.

As for what to do if you already have a bed bug infestation? Give Family Pest Control a call. Our bed bug treatments are designed to quickly and effectively remove bed bug infestations from homes. And making your home bed bug-free would not be our first success story.

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