Summer's Uninvited Guests: When Mosquitoes Rule the Outdoors

When Are Mosquitos Most Active in Texas?

As temperatures rise, so does the presence of pesky mosquitoes in our backyards. These uninvited guests can ruin outdoor gatherings and pose a threat to our health with the diseases they carry.

In Texas, mosquitos can be a persistent nuisance, especially during certain times of the year. Understanding when they are most active can help you take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

The peak season for mosquito activity in Texas generally occurs during the warmer months, from late spring to early fall. As temperatures rise and humidity levels increase, mosquitos thrive in the favorable conditions.

Typically, the months of May through October experience the highest mosquito populations in Texas. However, it's important to note that mosquito activity can vary across different regions within the state. 

During these active months, mosquitos are most active during dusk and dawn, although they can still be present throughout the day. They are attracted to warmth, humidity, and carbon dioxide, which is why they tend to be more aggressive during these times when humans and animals are outdoors.

By staying aware of the most active months for mosquitos in Texas and implementing preventive measures, you can enjoy outdoor activities with reduced mosquito interference and minimize the risk of mosquito-related health issues.

How to Minimize Exposure to Mosquitos 

To minimize your exposure to mosquitos and reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile virus or Zika virus, it is crucial to take preventive measures. Use effective mosquito repellents, wear long-sleeved clothing and pants, and consider installing screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitos out. Additionally, eliminate standing water sources around your property as they serve as breeding grounds for mosquitos.

1. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. To prevent their population from growing, it is essential to eliminate any standing water around your home.

Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Regularly clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage.
  • Empty and clean bird baths, pet water dishes, and plant saucers at least once a week.
  • Fill in low-lying areas in your yard where water tends to collect.
  • Store items that can collect water, such as buckets and wheelbarrows, upside down or indoors when not in use.

2. Maintain Your Yard

A well-maintained yard can help deter mosquitoes from making your outdoor space their home.

Here are some ways to keep your yard mosquito-free:

  • Keep your lawn mowed and trim overgrown vegetation, as mosquitoes like to rest in tall grass and shrubs.
  • Remove any debris, such as leaves and branches, from your yard, as these can provide hiding spots for mosquitoes.
  • Consider planting mosquito-repelling plants like citronella, lavender, and marigolds in your garden or in pots around your patio.

3. Use Mosquito Repellent

Applying mosquito repellent to your skin and clothing can help protect you from mosquito bites when spending time outdoors.

The CDC recommends using repellents containing:

  • DEET
  • Picaridin
  • IR3535
  • Or oil of lemon eucalyptus for the best protection

Be sure to follow the product's instructions for proper application and reapply as needed.

4. Install Screens and Protective Barriers

Installing screens on windows and doors can help keep mosquitoes out of your home. Additionally, consider using mosquito netting around outdoor seating areas, playsets, and hammocks to create a protective barrier against these pests.

For added protection, you can also treat the netting with a mosquito repellent containing permethrin.

5. Consider Professional Pest Control Services

While these tips can help reduce the mosquito population in your backyard, sometimes professional help is needed to fully protect your outdoor space. At Family Pest Control LLC, we offer mosquito control services to help you reclaim your backyard. Our trained technicians will assess your property and create a customized treatment plan to effectively target and eliminate mosquitoes.

Don't let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun. By following these tips and considering professional pest control services, you can enjoy a mosquito-free backyard all season long.

Contact Family Pest Control LLC today to learn more about our mosquito control services and schedule your appointment.

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