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Aug 13, 2017

If you are planning on going to the cottage or on just a brief stroll through a conservation area, it is important to be prepared for the many creepy crawlies that you may encounter. We all know how crucial it is to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun, and bug repellent to keep the mosquitoes away, but we hardly ever worry about the other bugs that we can find in the forest, primarily ticks.

Ticks are one of the peskiest pests out there and have been spreading a wide range of diseases through their bites for over 90 million years. One of the most dangerous diseases caused by tick bites is Lyme disease, characterized by rash, fever, and other neurological and cardiac disorders.

a homeowner in san antonio texas removing a tick from their dog using tweasers

One of the ways to prevent yourself and your family from getting infected by ticks is by knowing how to identify their nests in the wild. Tick nests can be found anywhere from trees to bushes and look like most nests, except they are teeming with eggs and already living ticks. While it may be easy to spot these nests, sometimes it’s not as easy to ensure that your pets don’t run through them.

However, sometimes you can’t stop your pets from playing. Moreover, ticks can also latch onto rodents and spread diseases into your home. If you have noticed ticks or rashes on your skin, then it might be time to think about tick control.

San Antonio’s Family Pest Control offers all kinds of insect and rodent extermination services, including ticks. We will make sure that any tick eggs that may be around your home or pets are taken care of for good, thereby eliminating any potential infestation. If you need to eliminate a tick from your pet immediately, you need to take care and make sure that you cover your hands with gloves and use fine-tipped tweezers to remove them. Never try to remove ticks with your bare hands as it may just spread the infection.

To find out more about what you can do about a tick infestation or our tick control, San Antonio residents can visit the Family Pest Control website at or call 210-681-5094. No matter how big or small your infestation, we will eradicate the intruders safely and effectively.


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