Our San Antonio Tick Removal Experts Identify Three Tick Nest Warning Signs

Dec 10, 2017

Ticks can cause a number of illnesses when they bite, particular Lyme disease. They are a danger to humans as well as animals and are present throughout the southwestern United States. That’s why it’s so important for families in the local San Antonio area to gain a clear insight on the signs that a tick next is on their property. To help San Antonio homeowners protect their families, this post from our tick removal experts will highlight three signs of tick activity.

a lone star tick crawling on denim in a san antonio texas home

A Family Member Has a Target Shaped Bite

A target shaped bite is a clear sign that there’s a tick nest in the local area. That’s because when ticks bite, a circle often appears on the person’s skin. This bite enlarges over time, cause one smaller inner circle and one larger outer circle to appear on the skin after a few hours.

Bug-Infested Dead Trees 

When a tree begins to rot in a person’s yard, this can invite a number of creatures to the area. Many types of insect feed on dying trees and ticks especially prefer this type of environment as opposed to bright, warm areas. Ensure that all dead or dying trees are removed safely to limit the risk of tick intrusion.

Rotted Leaves Attracting Bugs

Ticks are also attracted to rotting leaves. It’s why many people contract illnesses such as Lyme disease when they stop on a walk to sit on a log. The leaves from nearby trees attract ticks when they attach themselves to the person’s skin.

In humid conditions, ticks are highly prevalent and represent a significant danger. To remove ticks from your home effectively, speak with our trusted San Antonio tick removal team today by contacting us!


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