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Family gets rid of fleas & ticks in San Antonio

There has been a wild increase in flea and tick populations across the United States. Texas is no exception. These nasty little pests often come with a plethora of diseases and viruses that cause worry. You can never be too careful if you've been subjected to a tick bite, as tick-borne disease is on the rise.  In most scenarios, victims of tick bites need to be tested for Lyme disease right away!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that tick-borne disease cases doubled in just 12 years!  If that’s not bad enough, a tick-borne disease isn’t the only thing on the rise. The flea population has been increasing since 2014. 

Thankfully, Family Pest Control has been treating customers in the San Antonio area like family since 1981.  We’re no strangers to fleas or ticks, and we have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing these infestations.


How Family treats fleas & ticks in San Antonio

outdoor flea & tick control service in san antonio

How Family treats fleas & ticks in San Antonio

Our technicians are flea and tick control specialists. These experts will come in to perform a one-time treatment on your entire property. 

Hot spots for ticks and fleas include shady areas on your property, pet houses, areas with sandy soil, and fence lines. 

After the treatment, your technician will give you some advice and tips on how to avoid or limit flea and tick infestations.


Family Pest Control's flea & tick warranty

Confident in our ability to eradicate unwanted flea and tick populations from your property, we are happy to offer our customers a complimentary 30-day warranty. 

Should you notice a return in fleas or ticks on your property during that time, we’ll come and make things right, free of charge!


Flea & tick frequently asked questions

How much does an outdoor flea and tick treatment cost?
We’d be happy to get a outdoor flea and tick control expert out to your property, starting at just $175. 

That price covers all properties up to 5,000 square feet. Every additional 1,000 square feet will cost $15 to treat.

If necessary, Family Pest Control offers additional treatments for $85 for the first 5,000 feet and then $15 more for every 1,000 feet after that.

Is more than one flea or tick treatment per month necessary?
Multiple monthly treatments are not necessary. We only use products that are highly effective against fleas and ticks.

The long-lasting products we use are the best the market has to offer to help prevent the need for over-treating.

What types of ticks are prevalent in the San Antonio area?
There are around 900 species of ticks.  In our area, we only need to worry about three specific kinds: deer ticks, lone star ticks, and dog ticks.

Deer ticks are hard-bodied specimen that are named such because they often attach themselves to wildlife, such as deer.

Lone star ticks are also called turkey ticks. These pests bite painlessly and typically go unnoticed for days!

Dog ticks may be called wood ticks. They carry a large variety of bacteria which are responsible for diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

For more information on the types of ticks in San Antonio, please visit our tick identification page.

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