5 Fire Ant Control Tips

image of fire ants

In helping protect local San Antonio homeowners from pests, we often encounter fire ants and their hills in nearby lawns. These ants are known to have a painful bite and can build their habitat quickly in the Texas climate. It’s the reason it’s important to understand how to take on the fire ant control process. And so, in this latest post, we’ll explain our five fire ant control tips.

  1. Avoid Chemical Irritants
    Many research sources advise homeowners to use chemicals to destroy anthills. But chemicals such as bleach can not only impact your lawn but may be a danger to you and your family. Leave the chemical use to the professionals if you are to allow this form of removal in your home.
  2. Clean up Trash and Clutter
    Yard trash and clutter such as lawn debris can be attractive to ant colonies. Make sure these elements are cleaned up quickly in order to protect your home!
  3. Mow The Lawn Regularly
    Long grass allows fire ants to discreetly build their hills. Try to ensure that your grass is cut regularly, particularly during the warmer months.
  4. Use Boiling Water
    Using boiling water on anthills can be an effective and safe way of dispersing the ants from around your yard space. Make sure that the hill is completely removed before moving on to the next colony.
  5. Call The Professionals
    If you’re struggling with a fire ant issue, it’s important to call a control team to take a look at the problem. Fire ants are persistent pest and local experts have the removal expertise to minimize the problem in a quick time frame.

Book professional fire ant control services today! To learn more about your service options, call our experienced team directly.

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