Cockroach Prevention Tips For San Antonio Homeowners

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Of all the common household pests that plague Texan homes, these hard-shelled, six-legged termite relatives might be the worst of all. 
Cockroaches are dangerous and annoying nuisance. Derived from the Greek term meaning ‘insects that shun the light,’ roaches squeeze their way into homes and buildings through small cracks in walls or foundations. There are over 4,600 species of these primitive insects, and they are terrific at adapting to any environment.  From freezing temperatures less than a negative 100 degrees to heatwaves reaching temperatures of over 100 degrees, these conditions are no issue for the sturdily-built cockroach. Once they’ve found a proper home, they are likely to stay for a long time. 
The heat of summer can make a home invasion from these creatures even worse. Moist air and high humidity trigger the beetle-like bugs to begin laying eggs, which can average over 150 per female cockroach. The new and hungry members of the cockroach clan will feast on anything, from leftover pasta to dead skin, from decaying plants to fecal matter. Even if your home is as clean as a whistle, a cockroach may still find a comfy area in which to nest for the year. 
Perhaps the most concerning feature of cockroaches is their ability to carry serious bacterial diseases. They can also worsen the symptoms of asthma in children. In a recent study at Cambridge University, over 30 different kinds of bacteria were found on cockroaches living in or near a family of humans. Talk about gross! 
Fortunately, there are several actions you can take to prevent cockroach infestations before they take over your home.

  • Restrict the Roaches
  • Roaches are creative creatures that enjoy scampering about your home in the darker and more humid areas. Sewers, basements, and crawlspaces make a snug habitat for these bugs if left unchecked. Unmaintained homes may have a higher risk for infestation, as these insects are opportunists of the worst kind. Below are some steps you can take to help avoid these bugs from taking over your home.
  • Keep floors well swept, vacuumed, and mopped as often as possible.
  • Keep open food sources and moist surfaces to a minimum.
  • Seal, caulk or otherwise fill any cracks or openings that may serve as an entry point for cockroaches.    

Cockroaches are the most active during the night, so keep your eyes and ears open. The average cockroach in the San Antonio area is 1.6 inches long, making them easy to spot.

Trying to stop a cockroach problem on your own generally does not work. Self-applied pesticides usually will not affect a cockroach population due to their natural defenses and hard, impermeable shells. Many DIY methods will end up sapping your precious time and money for little return on the investment. Misapplying pesticides in or around the home can cause serious illness, especially in young children or pets. If you see or suspect cockroaches living around your home, you may need to seek out professional treatment options before the infestation grows.

Family Cares About Your Family

Cockroaches seem to defy all odds. Built to survive nearly any kind of environmental stressor, once a cockroach infestation is on your property, it will continue to worsen until eradication methods are in place. To protect your home, belongings, and other investments, professional pest control treatments may be needed to eliminate the cockroach threat. Contact the friendly pest technicians at Family Pest Control today to discuss your cockroach control options.
Over 35 years of service has taught us that every customer’s service needs should be uniquely tailored to them. We have no on-going customer contracts and offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all our services. Family Pest Control puts your needs first. All of our highly trained staff members undergo continuous education in chemistry, horticulture, wildlife control and exclusion, and termite and household pest control to serve your needs best.
Call Family Pest Control’s family of experienced pest technicians if you suspect an insect infestation in your home, and receive the best professional cockroach treatments in the San Antonio area.

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